Episode 77: Retro Review Star Wars Bounty Hunter

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We start our Road to Star Wars Celebration Chicago with a review of the PS2 classic Star Wars: Bounty Hunter. Before we jump into that, we discuss all the gaming news fit to discuss: Anthem making PS4’s try to off themselves, Nintendo telling game devs to tone down the money making, a long lost NES wrestling game, the ban hammer coming down full force in Apex Legends, the Division 2’s massive day 1 patch on the PS4, and Google’s possible streaming video game service.

We also discuss the terrible and sick game Rape Day. We here at Bad Gamers Anonymous do not condone this type of violent and sick and twisted video game. We do believe that video game makers have the right to publish whatever they wish, even trash like this. We do, however, have strong and differing opinions on how Steam, and it’s parent company Valve, reacted to this game and the language they chose to use in their statement saying it would not appear on their platform. We realize that this may be a sensitive subject for some and warn our listeners to fast forward 10 or 15 minutes if you feel the need. As always, the opinions of the three hosts of Bad Gamers Anonymous are their own and do not reflect the opinions of Ear Glue Media.