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We kick off the show giving a shoutout to Stargate Pioneer for all of his help. We officially welcome Jason to Bad Gamers Anonymous this episode. He shares with us his history of gaming before we talk about what we’ve all been playing since Christmas. Somehow, we’ve all been bamboozled into playing SWTOR, and the guys absolutely destroy it…kind of…we still might play it. Then we cover all the gaming news from the first week of 2019: Bethesda settling a lawsuit with Warner Bros., Jason thinks Half Life 3 is happening (he’s wrong), Cliff Bleszinski is on broadway, and a Blizzard shakeup. We then dissect why Kotaku hires dumb people before Crowley praises old people playing games and we talk about the MadBox console announcement. We cover digital download vs physical copies of games before we briefly talk about 2019 games we want to play. We were way wrong about Ace Combat…it is NOT a PS4 exclusive!

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