Episode 66: The Captain and the Crowley’s

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Crowley welcomes Joe back to the show and announces that Joe is one of the new, permanent co-hosts of BGA! They also announce the Ear Glue Media black tie event of the year…THE CROWLEY’s! It’s like the Oscars…but better…and for video games…so not at all like the Oscars. Join BGA LIVE December 30, 2018 at 7:00pm CST on their Discord voice channel for the Crowley’s! Once the duo take care of a few housekeeping announcements they jump right into the news of the week. Crowley offers Gene Simmons of KISS, a spot on the podcast during the Crowley’s. If you know Gene Simmons, TELL HIM! They then welcome Captain_Nill_Skill into port. The Captain takes on Fallout76, battle royale type games, and harassment in gaming. Crowley deftly ignores the Captain’s Question and instead focuses on how he was right. Joe tries in vain to keep Crowley’s ego in check.

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